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The digital world has embraced the portable power bank online as an essential part of the digital paraphernalia. The portable power bank can effortlessly ease your worries. The Portronics device has garnered a lot of appreciation and demand from the people buying it; and moving an inch further Portronics has innovated this wholesale portable power bank in two ways. In this blog we look at the advanced version of what started as a mere portable power bank to keep your gadgets buzzing with recharged cells.

This Mojo emergency charger comes with single connector and an inbuilt torch with four flash indications. This charger is highly portable and with the help of portable rechargeable torch with 1W LED extra bright torch with four stages (Normal, strong, flash) provides emergency charge for devices like mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, mobile phones and gaming consoles. The Li-ion rechargeable battery that charges the torch and emergency charger is portable and light weight. The torch is made up of a nice rubberized plastic finish with a powerful LED flash. It is approximately 5 inches in length and is slightly less than an inch thick. Recharge your devices worldwide via USB anywhere, anytime.

This product from Portronics is an ultimate solution for emergency situations when your mobile phone gets switched off due to low battery bank. It allows the mobile users to charge their device quickly and continue their important conversation over the mobile phone. It is a compact, durable and sleek emergency mobile phone charger that can charge almost all mobile phones in matter of seconds. It retains its charge for more than 6 months if not in use. This portable emergency mobile charger is easy to use by pressing a small button to have an instant access to instant battery. It’s ideal for gifting.

Portronics launches the device solar power system is one of the most innovative devices. solar power charger is a Portable Speaker, Mp3 Player, Audio recorder and not only that, it also serves as a portable power bank. The best part of the device is that it is smaller than your palm that can easily be carried into your pocket or laptop bag. The package comes with 8 GB card and the stereo earphones as a bundle. One needs to only insert the micro SD card in the solar power charger to make it your powerhouse for songs and audio recordings. This digital voice recorder with powerful built-in stereo microphones eliminates the need for an external microphone. It enhances the quality of your recordings and provides richer, clearer playback.

solar power charger is small in size but big on high-quality sound. It is feature-packed with a powerful built-in speaker, large control buttons and with up to 32 GB of audio recording space. This little device also features a portable power bank with removable battery of 2000 mAh, which enables you to charge your mobiles or 5V devices anytime. The product can also be used as the meeting recorder and also works in power off mode. It is compatible with up to 32 GB micro SD card




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