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When was that social media thingy again? I didn't know there was an association for that. I can't wait to see her speak. I need to bookmark that site. As a marketing communications professional, you know the feeling. You gotta be there. In the know. Up to speed. Part of the pulse. But between the hustle here and the shuffle there, it's been too tough to get all of your event ducks in a row. That's exactly why so many Twin City talents dedicated their valuable time to create Gistr. A few of them are profiled below. If you meet them, thank them. Because Gistr brings Twin Cities marketing events to you, in one simple online calendar - making it easier for you to be in the know, get up to speed and be part of the pulse.

Gistr Folks

Greg McGee

More than 20 years serving the marketing world in Minneapolis, Greg is the Group Account Director at SapientNitro - a full service digital agency working locally with Target, The StarTribune and General Mills. He has served as a strategic facilitator through the inception and development of Gistr. He's hooked on baseball, all things 'kids' (he has two of them) and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art History - a little known fact.

Steve Wallace

Steve Wallace is the Group Strategy Director with JWT in Minneapolis - an all digital office focusing on online user experience development via web sites, social media, search, online display and mobile. He was involved in the initial strategy development of Gistr. In his spare time he keeps tropical fish, takes care of his wife and two kids and makes the best spaghetti sauce in the world.

Sarah Pierce

As an account assistant for Padilla Speer Beardsley, Sarah works on the consumer marketing practice. Reaching back to her Journalism days in college, she helped write releases and copy for the Gistr website and Twitter account.

Vanessa Bright

Digitial Program Manager at Kroll Ontrack, member of MIMA and AMA. The official "Chief Pest" of Gistr and one of the few people who kept the secret of how long the creation of Gistr really took. First adopter of new ideas ... although it took a few months and the Gistr launch to finally buy an iPad (what a retrograde!).

Jane Cracraft

A 10-year veteran at Business Wire - a Berkshire Hathaway company. Jane is responsible for the ongoing administrative duties that keep Gistr gisting. In her off-time she enjoys yoga, collecting buttons, creating her own line of aluminum foil couture and looking up the VIN of classic Volvo station wagons.

Marc Ohmann

Marc Ohmann President of Digital Solutions, Inc an original Gistr'ite is responsible development of the Gistr web platform and keeper of the ones and zeros. Unknown to him or his parents Marc was raised by wolves in the popple and pine forests of Northern Minnesota. He is known for smelling every balsam tree he walks by and traversing the woods in silence in search of his prey. Tumani Tutanka O Wachi!

Bob Freytag

President and co-founder of Introworks, Inc. and SME Mpls/St.Paul. One of the original Gistr Crew back when it was called "The Calendar Project Brigade." Professional hand shaker born with the extremely rare Purell® glands in his palms. Bob is known as The Clean One. But you can call him "Squeeky."

Nikolas Kouzes

Art Director at Introworks and AdFed member. Responsible for the wristing, the color orange and the interjection of random sci-fi film facts at awkward moments during the Gistr brand development process. Battle Damage: 50+, Attack Speed: 31+, Key Trait: Resourcefulness

Jeremy Elder

Interactive Designer at Introworks and prospect member of MIMA. Credited for the design of the Gistr site. Pursues an aggressive yet agile cadence on the back of his GT Peace in his off time. Soon to be KOM (King Of Mountain). Respect the Elder.

Mike McMillan

Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Introworks, Inc. in addition to being the behind-the-scenes Gistr Creative Guru. As a "right brained strategist," Mike comprehends the quantum mechanics of branding. This allows him to decipher the emotional sub-atomic particles from the logical ones. Often called a "Nugget Finder."

Kay Roseland

Social Media Enthusiast and Marketing Maven at Shareology; MIMA and Social Media Breakfast member. Creating social media strategy for Gistr allowed @KayLoire to combine her passions for social media, marketing and networking. Working with the Gistr team reinforces how strong team work can create new opportunities and results! Follow her at @GistrMN and @KayLoire.

John Pickerill

Advertising attorney and AdFed Boardmember. Responsible for all Gistr legal issues, including agreements and website terms of use. Was an ad executive at Carmichael Lynch until 1999 before turning to the dark side of the ad business as an attorney.

Lisa France

Senior Manager, Research Operations at Maritz Research; member of AMA and Best Buy Omega Wolf. Lisa was a visionary in the early part of Gistr concept development. She has been a vegetarian for almost two decades.