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If your professional association is concocting, brewing or drumming up a non-exclusive, non-virtual, in-person event AND you are a participating Gistr organization then you need not worry. Your event will be added automatically.

If your group has yet to be Gistified, and you're planning a local non-virtual, non-exclusive event that would benefit the Gistr Community, then it's no sweat to put in a request to have it on the calendar. Simply contact Jane Cracraft at with the following:

  • Event title
  • Name of organization offering the event
  • Why the event should be added to Gistr?
  • Date and time
  • Location (event must be in Twin Cities metro are and not virtual)
  • Link to the event description
  • Link to the registration (if different from event description link)
  • Speaker/panel name(s)—if applicable
  • Cost of the event
  • Your name and contact information

The request to add your event will be considered by the Gistr administrator within 10 business days.