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Be seen on the calendar. Have more visibility to the broader community. Plan around other happenings and events. Attract new members to your organization.

You can if you're a Twin Cities professional group-with or without an acronym-in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Design, Investor Relations, yadda yadda yadda. To become Gistrized, please review the Gistr Governance Document, Association Joining Process and fill out the form below.

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Participation Agreement:

This Agreement is entered into by and between (insert group name here), a trade organization which supports the (insert industry name) industry ('Trade Group') and a volunteer group of Minnesota marketing professionals who have joined together to develop a centralized calendar of industry events (collectively the 'Calendar Initiative'), (collectively the 'Parties').

  • A. The Calendar Initiative created and maintains an internet-based calendar called 'Gistr' at for tracking the events and deadlines of the various trade organizations in the general marketing industry (the 'Site').
  • B. The Trade Group wishes to participate and feature its events and related information on the Site.
  • C. The Parties intend to act collaboratively to develop and maintain the Site in the most beneficial manner to serve the needs of the Calendar Initiative, the Trade Group, and the entire marketing community. The intention of all Parties is that everything contributed on behalf of the Site remain permanently available for use by the other Parties and their successors for the purposes of the Site.

NOW THEREFORE, in exchange for the right to participate in the Site, the Trade Group agrees as follows:

  • 1. Trade Group agrees to the use of any photographs, trademarks, promotional information, event dates, and any other Trade Group identity or promotional materials (“Materials”) on the Site and grants to the Calendar Initiative the perpetual, unrestricted and unlimited right to use, edit and modify such Materials as needed for the promotion and maintenance of the Site and its respective licensees, successors and assigns.
  • 2. Trade Group agrees to provide Materials to the Calendar Initiative in a regular and timely fashion to facilitate an accurate and updated Site, in a manner to be directed by the Calendar Initiative.
  • 3. The Calendar Initiative shall not be obligated to make any use of the Materials provided.
  • 4. Trade Group agrees that no Materials to be used on the Site must be submitted to it for approval and that the Calendar Initiative shall be without liability to the Trade Group or others for any purpose associated with the Calendar Initiative, absent gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing.
 My association accepts participation agreement and would like to join Gistr!